‘cook what you catch’ boat trips









cook what you catch…

The estate launch, MV Rona, operates fishing trips for seafood lovers – or nervous novices who would like to try seafood- followed by a ‘workshop’ at the island’s only permanent residence, Rona Lodge.

The day starts bright & early at 9.30 in Rona Lodge with a short preparation session over coffee & cake, helping to make bread ready for lunch. Then it’s off for a 2 hour boat trip where you can try your hand at line fishing and help Skipper Bill bring in a few creels. A variety of seafood may be caught: langoustines, squat lobster, brown crab, lobster, pollock or mackerel, as well as seeing some of the weird and wonderful (and inedible!) creatures brought up from the deep to be released after inspection & photographs.

The catch is brought back to Rona Lodge where tea & more cake await! Bill & Lorraine will then demonstrate how to prepare & cook the catch – so you can help us to prepare a seafood lunch with freshly baked bread, homemade mayonnaise and a glass of wine.  And possibly more cake…

Return to your cottage at around 4pm – tired but full and with your own bucket of seafood to practice newly acquired skills.

The ‘cook what you catch’ trip is a great family experience and if the kids come along, introduces them to seafood in a fun way (though venison burgers are on hand in case of seafood mutinies). It’s also a great social event for two or more couples and a relaxing way to get to know the neighbours!

Adults £65 per head for minimum 2 adults, Children £20 per head