as the island is to explore, many of Rona’s charms are best enjoyed at a much slower place. In this environment just sitting to read or watch the constantly changing panorama of sea & sky (and Skye) is a worthy pastime.

It’s not only photographers and artists who are captivated by the magnificent and unique views of Skye only enjoyed from this vantage point, whilst a wealth of subjects from seas & sunsets, close-ups of brightly coloured lichens & rock formations, sea creatures & birdlife, can create an album of memories to enjoy when the holiday is over.

The shore is only a few steps away but take a picnic lunch to sunbathe on the rocks, fish or swim as you please. A fishing trip on MV Rona is a wonderfully relaxing way to while away a couple of hours, especially in the evening to take in the fabulous sunsets and drink in the scenery with minimum effort required.

But the beauty of the Isle of Rona, is that just ‘doing nothing’ is an experience in itself: a roaring fire with our local dram, beachcombing, enjoying fresh seafood yards from the sea, watching the sunset over Skye’s Old Man of Storr, listening to the autumn stags or simply stargazing (the night sky, away from light pollution, is unforgettable) in this magical location. There’s no shops, no roads & no stress, so even hardened city lovers soon unwind to appreciate the natural rhythms of the island.